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Crystal Galaxy CRYSTAL

💠 CRYSTAL GALAXY is a blockchain Play-to-Earn Arcade Game on Binance Smart Chain with a supporting NFT Marketplace. Explore the vastness of the Crystal Galaxy Metaverse, find planets with resources, get Crystals! Team up with other players and mine crystals together, or attack and conquer occupied planets with resources. 🎁 Rewards 3 000 000 000 $CRYSTAL Tokens or $20,000! We'll randomly select 500 Lucky Users.: 👾 PLAY TO EARN You can earn more Crystal tokens by playing and participating in the Crystal Galaxy Economy! Buy a space ship, get resources, trade, fight, form teams, and own planets for even more passive income! 🤖 NFT MARKETPLACE Buy, upgrade, and sell your NTF starships in our market to easily turn a profit or get new achievements in the game. Buy or sell unique items from the Crystal Galaxy Metaverse. ℹ️ TOKEN INFO: 🔵 Name : Crystal Galaxy 🔵 Symbol : $CRYSTAL (BEP20) 🔵 Blockchain : BSC 🔵 Total Supply : 100,000,000,000 🟦 Transaction Fee: 10 % ⚙️ LP GRINDER & FRICTIONLESS YIELD Our project combines frictionless passive income and Play-To-Earn mechanics that directly reward you for playing! All trading transactions are subject to a tax of 10%. 5 % of every transaction contributes toward automatically generating further liquidity for the Crystal Galaxy & 5 % is awarded to all token holders based on their total holding in Crystals Tokens.




November 9, 2021


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