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Crystal Elephant Farm CEFA

Crystal Elephant Farm (CEFA) gives you all the consistency, variety, and flexibility you need to profit in crypto today. Like its DeFi cousin, CETO, every CEFA transaction is taxed 10%, but with 6% in rewards to users and 4% providing liquidity. A modest 100 million token supply promises 20 years’ worth of monthly airdrops to holders, dividends to the CETO Blockchain Family of existing tokens, locked liquidity with burnt LP tokens, and robust yield farming for plenty of staking opportunities. With every transaction earning rewards, dividends to CETO, providing liquidity, and burning the token supply, CEFA is designed for scarcity and longevity. One token, eight ways to profit. Crystal Elephant Farm is the DeFi token that does it ALL.

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May 13, 2021


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