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CryptoSlash SLASH

Cryptoslash is an ancient inspired RPG NFT game designed to provide the users a thrilling experience by fighting other Slashers for PVP tournaments and fighting MOBS and Bosses in Adventure. Characters from Cryptoslash may also be called Slashers. Cryptoslash team is experienced and well-versed in gaming development and blockchain technology. Cryptoslash aims to dominate the RPG NFT game on the blockchain while giving the users the excitement of playing the game while earning $SLASH token. Tokens from the game allow players to convert it into NFTs and it also helps the in-game ecosystem of the game. Cryptoslash aims to establish in the various market such as Europe, Australia, and South East Asia, etc. New characters, abilities, and quests will be added as we progress on the game.

$ 0.000619772

$ 29,835


January 1, 2022


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