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Creators Network CN

$CN is a utility token of the Creators Network platform with its own marketplace, where you have the opportunity to create your own NFTs, collect, display your art collection to interested visitors around the world and showcase NFTs in a VR gallery or digital display. In addition, NFTs can be anything: a picture, drawing, music, or a video fragment. Absolutely everything! Also the user will be able to place their NFT in the blockchain network, exchange or sell it on the marketplace. People will be able to create their own NFT on our platform as easy as drawing in Paint. CN is the world’s first platform designed specifically for the NFT creators platform and their marketplace. Our goal is to promote Non-Fungible-Tokens. Now to an ordinary person NFT seems to be something absolutely incomprehensible. Selling and buying, especially creating, raises a lot of questions. But our team believes that it is only a matter of time and our platform will help anyone with any issue related to NFT to simplify the process.




August 3, 2021

Creators Network

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