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Market Cap: $40,100,409,605,849,856
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CosmoKitty COSMO

CosmoKitty (COSMO) is a token built on Binance Smart Chain with revolutionary RFI, burn, and LP growth mechanics. A 10% tax is applied to every transaction of COSMO, which is split to reward current holders in BNB (6%), redistribute (1%), and grow a stable locked liquidity pool (3%). Since 7% of every transaction is taxed and rewarded to holders, the “burn wallet” (counts as a holder) grows with every transaction. Therefore, every transaction reduces the circulating supply, increasing scarcity of the tokens. With every transaction, tokens are burnt, the liquidity pool grows, and holders are rewarded! What makes COSMO unique is that token holders are directly rewarded in BNB, claimable on the official website.

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$ 554


June 16, 2021


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