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Cojones Finance COJONES

Once a day Monday to Friday one contestant (who must hold. 5 bnb worth of cojones) will be chosen. The telegram will be muted apart from the team and the contestant. The contestant will send anywhere from .1 bnb to 1 bnb worth of cojones to the burn wallet. This is where the fun begins! There are two rounds, in round one, one of the team members will send in the results of the spin which can be anything from .5x to 5x. So this means if the the contestant sends in 1bnb worth of cojones and gets 3x they will receive 3 bnb, but if they only sent in .5bnb worth of cojones they would receive 1.5bnb. The contestant then has the choice to take this or go to round two. If they spin a second round they must take this. All winnings will be paid in BNB! There will also be a randomizer! This could add a third round or even a second contestant!

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June 11, 2021


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