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CoinFrenzy CFZ

We are Frenzians, we are crypto enthusiasts and we have the ambition: to create a long-term and profitable revenue-generating ecosystem. CoinFrenzy is launching a new ecosystem of utilities aimed at providing holders with extra passive revenue streams. More than just a standalone token, CoinFrenzy is accelerating an entire ecosystem of DeFi innovation. Funding & Supporting Game Changing DeFi Projects and Creating an Ecosystem of Utilities While Providing Passive Income to Our Token Holders. Earn Binance-USD ($BUSD), simply by holding CoinFrenzy ($CFZ) in your crypto wallet. We offering crypto investors a legitimate and effortlessly way to increase their passive income consistently. CoinFrenzy uses the treasury wallet to invest and support new projects and create an Ecosystem of Utilities which will generate additional passive income for all the holders. Be a Frenzian NOW! 👉 Each CFZ Token represents a share in the profits of CoinFrenzy. 👉 Get Dual BUSD Rewards - 4% from buy/sell - 60% of treasury profits. 👉 Simply hold CFZ tokens in your wallet and earn passive income. 👉 Over time, your wallet will increase — no need to claim, stake, or farm! CoinFrenzy brings you BUSD to your wallet for just holding! CoinFrenzy offers the real opportunity of continued wealth growth, and eventually, true passive income. 🎯Forget the graph - get your daily BUSD shot 🙋‍♂️ KYC’d and Audit with Pinksale 🔐 LP LOCKED ⬆️ Constantly marketing ✅ Doxxed team




July 10, 2022


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