Coins: 26,820
Votes: 157,490,804
Market Cap: $40,100,419,625,525,712
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Civilization CIV

Developers, traders, marketers and investors participate together in the first 100% self-determined financial community in history. Our token cannot be minted, therefore the $CIV supply is capped forever. The token contract code is public on our Github page, based on the OpenZeppelin industry standard, verified by Etherscan and audited by MythX. Civilization features bleeding-edge, patent-pending products. Our roadmap offers demo videos, documentation and community support from our open team of developers to get you started. Civilization is governed by a decentralized community of CIV token holders who propose and vote on the strategic direction of the community and of its products.

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$ 18,706,566


July 31, 2021