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Childrens Token CTN

$CTN is a Charity Token especially designed to donate to our Children who are sick, abused, Orphan, homeless or in Child Labor Our mission is to help children . We, the team behind Children’s Token, decided it’s time to help the ones that will take care of us in the near future. Everyone knows that a crypto coin is a virtual currency that can travel the world in just a few clicks. With this in mind we know that the money we donate will reach the children in a matter of seconds. All over the world children need protecting and safeguarding from cruelty and abuse at the hands of adults and corrupt organizations. We want to help where we can; help retain innocence and give children the future they deserve. As we all know, a basic charity foundation establishes itself through donations with a portion of that donation being used for marketing and staff salaries. This leaves around 20-30% for the actual charitable work that is needed. If we can ensure that 100% goes to those who need it, we will be pioneering a totally different approach to charity. We will be UNIQUE!

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July 24, 2021

Childrens Token

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