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Changpenguin Finance CHANGPENGUIN

Changpenguin is the first NFT Marketplace Reverse Auction - Crosschain bridge NFT on Binance Smart Chain & Solana. Team has no token and force to build and launch product to get fee on transaction. Our product: NFTs Marketplace Reverse Auction: - Bring NFTs to everyone in the world. You only need small bag ($2-$5) to win auction and own every NFTs you want. - NFTs owner, artis, creater will get 90% token was used to bid. 10% is fee for marketplace, will use to buy back CHANGPENGUIN and add liquidity on Pancakeswap - Serum Crosschain Bridge NFTs On Binance Smart Chain – Solana: - With this bridge you can convert your NFT from BEP20(BSC) to SOL(SPL). And sold on Changpenguin Marketplace – NFT Marketplace on Solana ecosystem. NFT Yeild Farming: - 40% total supply will be available for yield farming with interesting APY. Farming will take place in 6 months (06/25 – 12/25).




May 23, 2021


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