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CarlitoToken CARLI

This project is in presale phase. Be careful when investing - DYOR

Welcome to CarlitoToken [$CARLI], the ultimate, 100% community-driven, deflationary Meme Token with great specials! [$CARLI] is a Meme Token that, through its community influence, use and its coming own ecosystem with many features, will make a difference with positive effects for the community itself and for the environment. It is the combination of different specials that makes [$CARLI] a unique and indispensable Meme Token! In addition to staking, NFT, community memes marketplace and game development, crypto-based environment-friendly projects are also promoted. Feel free to read more on our website. ✅ Audit ✅ Presale ✅ Liquidity locked ✅ Whale protection by max wallet ✅ Rugpull protection by max txn ➡️ Website: ➡️ Telegram: ➡️ NewsChannel: ➡️ Twitter: ➡️ Reddit: ➡️ Medium:




April 30, 2022


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