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Cardence CRDN

Cardence is a Cardano focused  multichain decentralized presale platform which creates a trustless fundraise ecosystem. It is launching on BSC, Ethereum, Matic, Cardano, and Solana networks. It is the first presale platform which facilitates affiliate marketing of projects, release of tokens according to vesting schedule, whitelisting of participants and auto locking of liquidity. Additionally, Dapps like SmartMint and Locker App allow creation of new tokens without writing any code and creation of time locked token vaults for release of tokens according to a vesting schedule. Cardence ICO is listed on CoinmarketCap. Cardence has been audited by Techrate. Team is completely public. Our product is ready. It is the most advanced decentralized presale app in the world. Doubt it? We bet it. Our presale is live. Come to group to know more.




August 24, 2021


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