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Canadian Inuit Dog CADINU

Abstract CADINU is a platform developed to create entertainment, earn income, and support animals. CADINU TOKEN is fully decentralized and will be used for on-platform and off-platform payments. Introduction The increasing growth of technology has alienated us from the real world more than ever before. Round the clock, we are engaged in cyberspace to pay bills, play online games, attain knowledge, and communicate with friends, to mention just a few. Cyberspace, like any other technology, has both pros and cons and can be a threat to us if we submerge ourselves in it. Moreover, the lovely animals we have domesticated and now left unattended, including dogs and cats, will suffer from our negligence. The question is: how is it possible to make a balance? sweeping the problem under the carpet cannot work. Then what is the SOLUTION? CADINU Platform CADINU is trying to create a multifaceted platform using blockchain technology. The platform is aimed at meeting three basic needs, namely the need for entertainment, the need to earn income, and the need to support pets. We identify animals with the help of the World Animal Protection and introduce them on our platform. We somehow make them visible in cyberspace so that enthusiastic people around the world can select and support the animals and see the results online. Yet, the CADINU project will not suffice with the "direct support" section. It will also have an online game, where the players can have fun, earn money, and feel happy that the animals in need will benefit from the games. We also plan to launch an online pet store, whereby we can create jobs as well. We have also considered training.

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August 15, 2021


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