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Canada Coin CADA

$CADA is a Binance Smart Chain charity token that we have custom built to be both resilient and flexible for our investors. Our philanthropic vision is simple – help underprivileged youth around the world afford sports programs by sponsoring the local charity organizations that can put our donations to work quickly – however, our understanding of the fundamentals that create a healthy token is what sets us apart. We offer our holders not only static rewards but also a Buy-Back protocol incorporated into the contract. This process will automatically buy back our tokens and burn whenever a sell happens, making sure you will not see any sell transactions continuously at any time. This makes Canada Coin one of the first of its kind while ensuring our altruistic goals are met again and again. Our community is dedicated to showing the world the positive impact crypto can have on future generations while creating financial independence for our holders.

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July 1, 2021


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