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CamelToken CMLT

What is CamelToken? CamelToken(CMLT) is a peer-to-peer digital token that gives you an easy method to send and receive money online. Why the Camel? The “Camel” is the proud animal of the Arabs. A strong and friendly mascot that is known to keep it going when times are heated and tough! The CamelToken(CMLT) team consists of computer engineers, programmers, designers, senior news producers, restaurant owners and last but not least barbershop owners… all whom have pledged unanimously to accept the CamelToken(CMLT) as a method of payment! Much has changed in the past few decades, from the extended use of smartphones to the soon to come home-drone delivery service. However, when you look at it from a bird’s eye view perspective, not every country or region is adapting to these changes effectively in comparison to their neighbours. Take the Middle East for example, much of its countries can be classed as super-rich yet there is no crypto-token that is used amongst many of them… so why not be the first? We aim to become one of the main tokens in the global market, and to become the main token of trade to be used regionally within the UK, Europe and the Middle East. With your help and participation, and our team of engineers and business owners we are certain that a bright future will be ahead of us, a future where our CamelToken will be accepted as a method of payment by many, many business owners. To start off with, Arabic and Turkish Restaurants, Barbershops, Supermarkets and Mechanics in the dozens -located globally- will accept our CamelToken as a method of payment. This number is growing by the hour! Our future:- Once our reputation succeeds us, we will launch a contactless CamelToken card so that payments are made much swifter and easier.

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July 8, 2021


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