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Welcome to CakeCum. The very next 1000x token, in 3 simple steps you will be a step closer to financial freedom, simply just; - Buy CakeCum. - Hold the CakeCum. - Earn Cake as rewards! A massive 12% of all transactions will be sent out as cake to all holders. The more CakeCum you hold the more you will earn. CakeCum will also have 4% auto lp and 4% marketing, thus ensuring that we can keep a steady rise and spread the word, in these initial stages it is super important that everyone does their part and spreads the word. We will have reddit posts and twitter posts up shortly after the stealth launch to help, but you guys as the community need to put in a few minutes to upvote and comment socials and spread the word on telegram by shilling, we will apoint a raid leader to help assist in shill raids as these are a super affective way to gain new members at the start, if you want to grow your bag then please don't be lazy and help out. We will have our team members in voice chat to answer your questions aswell!

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August 21, 2021


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