Coins: 16,682
Votes: 118,297,755
Market Cap: $-2,127,269,165,246
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CZs Dollah Billz CDB

🚀 CZs Dollah Billz is the biggest meme in BSC. Easily. No doubt. Maybe even the biggest meme of all time. Look at our website and tell me it's not a thing of beauty. And you know who loves memes? That's right. Everyone. So this thing will moon 🚀💯. You just have a chance to catch a ride on the big love rocket named $CDB. 🤑 🤑 9% of every single transaction is burned! 🔥🔥 Rather than watching paint dry while SafeMoon gets burned, or hoping your HODL is going up in value, CZ guarantees it. At a 9% burn rate, the supply will diminish before you can even say "100x". Which means that your bag of $CDB will just keep pumping.




June 10, 2021


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