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This is a brand new ambitious project. The plan is to release a game that connects the mechanics of a nostalgic and loved game with blockchain technology into a unique business concept. The potential is high considering a collaboration with MONOPOLY in the next future. The next step includes releasing an App where you can easily play Cryptopoly with friends and foes to earn cryptocurrencies while enjoying the wholesome game. Words from the DEVs We were very fascinated by the current possibilities of gaming combined with cryptocurrencies and farming, so we started to create a platform where to combine all of this together. Our plan is to utilize our token for the online gameplay, as an internal currency. Players will be able to trade making real money, or farm and accumulate tokens in order to create a passive income. Our long-term goal is to make a deal with big brands like Hasbro and Epic Games to introduce our CRYPTOPOLY on their platform, and with the help of our fast-growing community, we believe we will do it.

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June 5, 2021

Luke Pagliuca

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