Coins: 26,839
Votes: 157,740,684
Market Cap: $40,100,419,625,535,744
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COSMIX Casino is an online casino platform enabling players to play a variety of different classical casino games whilst benefiting from the tokens integrated tokenomics. Using the COSMIX token, the casino will provide the community with favourable profit sharing tokenomics, with 100% of profits being used to benefit the community. 60% reflections, 20% lottery, 15% gas fees & marketing, 5% liquidity pool. COSMIX aims to bring a fairer, more transparent & beneficial way for consumers to play some of their favourite classical casino games, essentially democratising the gambling industry. With the integration of our voting page, community chat room, multiplayer games & award ceremonies we believe that these used friendly functions will provide our users and investors with a much more interactive experience. The platform benefits users, just as the token does our investors. Users gain transparency, wallet generation, strong tokenomic & reflection structure, verifiable results, integrated functions, simple accessibility to token purchases, direct conversion through our site, lottery draw entry with each token lost (for each token lost a lottery ticket is awarded in its place). We believe that all the reasons listed above will provide users with more favourable conditions than some of our competitors.

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February 14, 2022