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BurningMoon BM

What is BurningMoon? BurningMoon is an upcomming hyper-deflationary token on bsc that is designed to create maximum scarcity. BurningMoon combines tokenomics that make Safemoon successful combined with new and unique tokenomics that are designed to lock away as many token as possible from the circulating supply, to maximise the value of BurningMoon. BurningMoon combines: •Burn - to reduce the circulating supply forever. •AutoLP - to lock as many token in liquidity as possible and generate a stable price floor •Dump Protection, so whales can't manipulate the price by dumping. Whales can only sell 0.05% of the supply at a time and are then locked from selling for 2 hours. This locks away a massive amount of the supply, generating massive scarcity.

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August 28, 2021


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