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Bully Coin BULLY

Let’s not beat around the bush, 99% of BSC DeFi project’s you find are straight up scams. This is probably the only legit deflationary proper project you will find on the BSC network. BullyCoin project is paving the way for memecoins, the team is developing new and exciting platforms to trade tokens on. BullySwap is a platform which will fetch BSCScan information that will display the best performing BSC Tokens sorted by the last 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 30 minutes. A BullyWallet is being developed giving you the advantage of being able to trade the best performers all from your one wallet. More information on this is on the website. We’ll also be real with ourselves, a lot of the money that came from ‘Safemoon’ was from social media comments and shills. The owners have set aside 300k AUD (proof provided) to promote the coin. They are going straight to the major influencers and getting posts on their page all at once on multiple occasions – this is what they call a ‘BullyPump’.

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May 2, 2021


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