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Bullish Dog BULLDOG

​ Catch the last bull before the bear. ​ Simply put, don’t get caught up in coins that “reward” you by making you pay to swing trade. It’s your money -- you should be able to use it to make more money! ​ This team of veteran crypto devs is delighted to offer this coin via a stealth launch to ensure the least amount of bot activity possible and fairness for everyone who gets involved. Upcoming marketing support consists of first vetting potential influencers (we don’t want to pay for fake followers) and ensuring that marketing channels used are optimized for increasing value for holders. ​ ​ $Bulldog Contract Vitals Contract: 0x47Ed96806e2CA1dc93a30211d6e61a8Fe17C75eF Pancake Swap V2:

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June 12, 2021


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