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Bridges BRG.X

The Bridges mission is to launch a suite of tools to deliver the DeFi space and its opportunities to everyone in a safe, innovative, and equitable environment. Bridge$—the first step of the ambitious Bridges roadmap—is a dividend-paying token with a stable supply. The Bridge$ token serves as the foundation for the Bridges DEX and future Bridges applications. In order to list on the Bridges DEX, projects will have to show that they are both safe and innovative. Apart from only offering an exchange, Bridges aims to educate both new and experienced DeFi investors in order to give everyone safe access to the market. The Bridges Team will launch a suite of applications combining the exchange, an integration with a third-party payment provider, and educational features. From 24 June 2022, Bridge$ will be exclusively available on Bridges Exchange.

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November 13, 2021


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