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Bogdanoff Forever BOGDANOFF

Bogdanoff Forever Token is a real community platform and tribute to two of the arguably most important contributors to the world of crypto. With features like the burn and rewards, jold to our $BOGDANOFF token and watch your money moon! $BOGDANOFF is built on the Binance Smart Chain as a BEP-20 token. $BOGDANOFF mission is to make this token as popular and mainstream as the BOGDANOFF twins. $BOGDANOFF will actually create viral meme concepts and have cutting edge NFTs that have a purpose as well as P2E games and communities. The editor-in-chief of the French newspaper Journal du Coin, Hellmouth Banner, claims that the twins “in terms of credibility, are equivalent to a scientific version of the Kardashian family”. We take that as a compliment! Here’s to the boys in space!

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January 13, 2022