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Blaze Burger Finance BTOKEN

What do we do? Blaze Burger Finance will bring stability prosperity for its holder. It’s a decentralized deflationary cryptocurrency with attractive rewards for holders that aims to bring hospitality and retail payments together in the upcoming future. It will also create stability in the Price By massive 5% buy/sell fees will go to burn wallet, Buy now and hold for your brighter future. ABOUT Blaze Burger (BB) FINANCE Blaze Burger is here to stay with a total token supply of 200 Billion, 50% to be burned by our founder Cheese Burger. The other purpose of Blaze Burger is to help the needy around the global with food supplies and feed the hungry people and reduce Malnutrition for the kids. Blaze Burger Finance is committed to launching multiple projects in its community under the umbrella of Blaze Burger Finance, where fees and profits will be distributed amongst our holders over their lifetimes. We have multiple projects that will benefit our holders, including Dex exchange, NFT’s, Staking, Ico Launchpad, Wallet, Swap, Blazium blockchain and Launch of sub-projects under the umbrella of Blaze Burger Finance to airdrop to our committed community members.




October 14, 2021

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