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BitcoinKings BTCKINGS

👑 BitcoinKings 👑 FairLaunching Saturday at 6pm CEST via PancakeSwap on the BSC Network 🔥🔥 Bitcoin paid to everyone hourly. 10% Bitcoin Reflections All that is required is 4,200 $BTCKINGS from a total supply of 21,000,000 to receive Bitcoin straight to your wallet. The more you hold, the more Bitcoin you receive 👑 This will go down as one of the most pumped up launches of 2021 . Forget any other reflection token…..This is the one to be a holder of with the most gigantic of marketing both pre and post launch. We considered all options when deciding what to use as a reward. We decided, there was only one. BitcoinKings 4 weeks from launch will be a $20m + MC coin heading for CEX listings including Whitebit. CoinGecko and CoinMarket Cap listings are already arranged for Week Commencing 23rd August 🚀🚀 Join us and become a true King.




August 21, 2021


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