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How BitcoinBaby (BTCBB) Works..? . The funds from Investors of BTCBB will be Investing in Many projects and Fields such as Crypto Assets, Equity markets, Properties, Finance and many other potential fields, wherever expected returns will be high by going through the deep research • BTCBB will disclose every Investments after taking/Exiting the position and will disclose in the website, with all the transactions details. Profits/Benefits from the Investments will be disclose meanwhile. • This action indicates BTCBB will be the Big WHALE itself which can impact on price of the Investment assets. It may cause the very good returns. obviously it put the great Impact on BTCBB holdings • On completing of every successful Investments process, 50% of profit in that will be added to the capital funds which increases the investment potentials and may give great returns on upcoming investments, 25% of the profit will transferred to the BTCBB Wallet holders. And Remaining 25% profit will keep the

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June 30, 2021


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