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BitCoin Pixel Pizza BTCPIZZA

Bitcoin Pixel Pizza is a perfect hybrid of Dogecoin, Cryptopunk, Safemoon! A long term self-sustaining project with really interesting tokenomics, NFTs (read the medium article to understand why you want to get them ASAP!) and a lot of surprises, prizes! The tokens' underlying value is based on the extremely limited number of collectable NFTs. There will only be a max of 100 of these pixel-themed NFTs. Out of these, 5 of the random NFTs are destined to be allocated BIG prizes! 🎁💰💰🎁 Apart from this, random wallet holders will be periodically airdropped some tokens!💰💰 More than 10% of the total supply is reserved just to reward the token holders and the NFT holders!🎁🎁🎁 This is only Phase I, Phase II will give a massive advantage to token holders!

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May 24, 2021


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