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Bigwindoge BWDOGE

This project is in presale phase. Be careful when investing - DYOR

Rewards in your wallet Bigwondoge is THE next 1000x token, with tons of hype, long term goals, REAL utility, and charitable causes propelling it! the community means everything to us, so we are proud to announce the first meme token to offer JACKPOT. The JACKPOT is an auto-generated BNB pool, that is filled with 5% of every bigwondoge transaction. Every 100 BNB, Will be given to bigwondoge loyal holders!. Real use case. Real rewards. And real moon potential! Our plans to partner with NFT market places and integration the coin in multiples business across GCC countries and Europe. Bigwindoge aim to grow faster then real doge. Claim airdrop or buy token 👉




February 21, 2022


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