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BidFever BDF

BidFever is a new concept that will take auctions to another level, bringing them into the crypto world. The auction platform will allow consumers to enjoy the pleasure of bidding in a revised version and satisfying them by offering the opportunity to shop with digital assets. We have a very complex ecosistem that includes auctions, raffles that you can enter with tickets you receive by locking your tokens, charityes that are choosen by the comunity and finally dev buy backs and burns. We are here to stay! HOW OUR MAGIC WALLET REWARDS WORK. So basically we will make a raffle everyday. And send all the tokens to one ore more winners depending on the mode of the day (snipe or burst). If you can imagine , in only one day the wallet can gain a lot of value, just think about 1% of every tx and if in the first day we pump hard, the magic wallet will be very valuable! There is an opportunity every day! There would be 2 modes. Burst & Snipe. Burst - split the tokens to 5 holders Snipe - sends everything to 1 holder.




July 10, 2021


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