Coins: 26,788
Votes: 156,967,482
Market Cap: $46,660,210,568,913,600
Yesterday Winner 2 Metacade
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Belifex BEFX

RELAUNCH ALERT: Belifex blockchain IS NOW A DEFLATIONARY PROJECT ON BSC! Belifex Blockchain Solutions is a crypto startup that aims to create a self-funding and healthy ecosystem. After completing the Belifex ecosystem will consists of three main parts. The first part involves a payment gateway, while another one is a mobile wallet. The third one is a decentralized and centralized exchange. Unlike other blockchains that have one focus mainly, Belifex is focusing on mass adoption and different products. Therefore, Belifex’s main idea is to bring decentralized applications to the users and investors. Also, the team believes in a fully decentralized ecosystem with an eye for the typical user. They want to make it simple to understand.

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July 28, 2021


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