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BeastDoge TBDT

BeastDoge is set to change the DeFi world! Our ecosystem will provide not only a performant investment, but an entire suite of DeFi solutions and entertainment. REWARDS Hold $TBDT and be rewarded hourly. BeastDoge provides hourly BNB rewards right to your wallet. No need to claim, BeastDoge automatically gives you your gains BEAST ECOSYSTEM An entire DeFi ecosystem powered by the Beast! » BeastLaunch » BeastWallet » BeastGaming Tokenomics 15% Buy fees Auto BNB rewards: 7% Fundraising 2% Marketing / Dev 2% Feed the Beast / Buy Back 4% Feed The Beast To ensure stability of the token, 4% of each transaction is allocated to our stability system. Our smart contract automatically repurchases and burns tokens strategically. This provides stability by reducing circulating supply and avoiding slumps in the market. It also adds to BeastRewards as it works! The buyback can also be switched to manual to enable rapid response to changing market conditions.

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