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BasedBurn BASED

$BasedBurn🔥 $Basedburn unique tokenomics provide the desired functions investors want without the smoke and mirrors, giving you all the advantages of popular mechanics with none of the drawbacks.🔥 ✅True Deflationary With Rewards At BasedBurn, their contract combines both a true destruction of supply and the usual buyback/burn. During burning of supply your token will STILL be the same NOT like the rebase contract. At the same time, you recieve reward tokens as well. ($TrueBurn) ✅NFTs with Lottery In the near future you will be able to purchase our limited edition seasonal NFTs and be entered into weekly lotteries for a share of the pool! Each season limited amounts will be minted. ✅Staking and Farming In the future, stake your tokens to earn more native and partner tokens. Tokenomics 10% Buy and Sell 🚨Marketing - 5% 🚀Reward - 1% 🔋BuyBack - 1% 🔥Burn - 1% 🙏Development - 2% 📞Telegram: 🕸Website:

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December 20, 2021


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