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Banksy Token BANKSY

Banksy Swap is a new DeFi Yield Farming project on Binance Smart Chain. Token Info Name: BANKSY TOKEN Symbol: BANKSY Chain: Binance Smart Chain #BSC Contract: 0x957B82c9FF3E7D7d3B67A2Df9B84A200a7403ab1   How it works Like most of the yield farming on DeFi is done via liquidity pools. A liquidity pool is a smart contract that holds on to and locks the cryptocurrencies/tokens of investors. Liquidity providers contribute to the liquidity of a trading pair pool, such as BANKSY-BNB, by depositing their crypto (in this case BANKSY and BNB) in the pool, receiving LP (Liquidity Pool) BANKSY tokens in return. The assets in a liquidity pool create a market where the assets can be exchanged by traders. If there were no liquidity pool, it would not be possible for a trader to swap tokens, as there would be no “other side” of the trade. When an investor swaps tokens (e.g. BANKSY for BNB), he needs to pay a trading fee. This fee is paid to the liquidity providers in proportion to the amount of liquidity (BANKSY and BNB) they have added to the pool. An investor who “owns” a big part of the liquidity pool will receive more trading fees compared to an investor that provided little liquidity to the pool. The fee at Pancakeswap is fixed at 0.17% per token swap trading. Our team understand the triumph you feel when you find a good farm and the dejection of a rugpull. This farm is a collection of our team's view on what we think are the elements of a successful farm model. For this purpose, we decided on a low emission rate (0.5) to our platform. We believe this model will help end users earn maximum yields over an extended period of time.

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September 9, 2021

Banksy Token

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