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Bancc is a decentralised financial platform that is bridging the gap between existing technologies with blockchain possibilities. We will launch on Jan 14th on Pinksale and are continuously growing with avid cryptocurrency lovers and people that can connect with each other from different parts of the world. With the Bancc Decentralised platform we are solving these everyday problems all around the world such as; Money transfer services high fees (Western Union, Paypal, etc) Money payment processing high fees (Visa, American Express etc.) Selling & Reselling items on marketplaces high fees (Amazon, Ebay etc) What if you could transfer your absolute favorite crypto currency or fiat money as you’d like, worldwide & Pay no fees for it? What if your merchant store physical or online could accept payments from the regular fiat currencies as well all the crypto currencies that exist cross chains & still pay no fees for it? What if you could buy items that are securely authenticated on the blockchain to prove when you resell your product that it’s authenticated and not stolen and find the buyer worldwide in a decentralized manner? 🔱 REAL WORLD USE CASE 🔱 Bancc is solving a lot of problems across many markets all around the world but the most important one is that with Bancc, we are offering real world solutions with blockchain technology connected with existing financial technology. Bancc offers any individual or merchant their rightful right to be adaptive for customers, friends or family to offer a way to easily interact with fiat assets or blockchain assets without the necessity of understanding the technology behind it. What if your grandma could send you 500$ and you could receive it in BTC, BANC, ATOM, ETH, BSC OR USD, NOK, EURO and so on…

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January 14, 2022


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