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Market Cap: $40,099,009,420,703,024
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Ballena BALLE is a yield optimizer app on the Binance Smart Chain which automates investment strategies over yield farming opportunities in the DeFi ecosystem allowing its users to gain revenue through its compound interest technique. BALLE is the native governance token. Its maximum supply is 40.000 tokens and no more minting is possible. The main products are: The BalleVaults, vaults where users can deposit their LP tokens and see how the implemented strategies increase their LP tokens. Users participating in the vaults receive BALLE token rewards during the first year from the launch date. The BALLE Staking Pool, where the native BALLE tokens are invested for revenue optimization while they receive a 3% of the platform gains. An extra BALLE token reward is also distributed in the staking pool till the end of its supply. The project is organized as a DAO, it's completely driven by its community.

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May 29, 2021


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