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LAUNCH AT 500 MEMBERS 🐳EARN DOT TOKEN AS A REWARD FOR HOLDING WHALE DOT 🎯TOKENOMICS: 🐳100T Supply 🐳50% Burn Supply 🐳500B Max Buy and Sell 🐳Hold atleast 50B to be eligible for DOT TOKEN Rewards 🐳Tax: 10% Rewards / 5% Liquidity / 5% Marketing ( a total of 20 tax ) (for a better rewards) 🐳10% Marketing Token ( this is for promotion like CMS, Website, Paid Shiller, Influencer promotion) ( We will notify the group every sell + token this is to easily monitor the token for marketing. 🎯WHY ITS GOOD TO BUY AND HOLD WHALE DOT? 🐳You will earn DOT Token everytime there is Buy and Sell transaction. 🐳Anti Whale: We set 500B for Max Buy. 🐳Anti Bot: We have codes that will prevent bots. 🐳We have Active Shillers that will keep shilling till the end so our group will grow more. 🎯Why choose us? 🐳Rewards Splitter - only 10% of reward pot will be splitted per rewards distribution so not only first holder will be benefitted from initial big volume but also late holders




August 8, 2021


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