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Babypoocake BPC

Our team was facing a tough decision. We've seen people loving rewards like $Cake & $Poocoin. So the question was: Which would be the next crypto that would trend and make people rich? After a while thinking which could be the best, we finally came up with the answer that would change everyone's life. ⁉️ So, what's better than earn cake or poo ⁉️ !!! Drum sounds !!! Get both rewards at the same time! Yes! And for that reason $BabyPooCake was created ! The coin that will allow you to collect two of the most beloved coins while holding $BabyPooCake! $BabyPooCake, the shitty pancake that gives you rewards in two different currencies, with the automatic claim function, it will automatically send $Poocoin and $Cake to your wallet every 60 minutes. Join us now! Earn Cake & Poo while u hold! Lp Locked Dev Doxed Socials: Twitter: @BabyPooCake 🤎 TG: Site: Created by the same team as babypoo.

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August 5, 2021


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