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💎BabyTrusterCoin | FairLaunch | Reflection | Earn $TrusterCoin | 1000x soon💎 Purpose How many times have we seen great projects in the BSC space and thought “what an amazing project!” only for it to turn out to be a rugpull? Well your concerns have not fallen on deaf ears and we have developed the perfect project for you! TrusterCoin plans to open its own marketplace. with already a million plus transactions a day within its own ecosystem once this hits other continents it will explode . The goal is to offer the option to companies both big and small to offer their own digital currencies with a full service platform. We want to provide everyone with a chance to experience the great gains from the beginning of the bull run. Here at BabyTrusterCoin our goal is to bring awareness to TrusterCoin within other communities out of TrusterCoins reach. Tokenomics • 12% Reflections in $TrusterCoin for all holders. • 4% Liquidity Acquisition • 4% Marketing

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July 26, 2021


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