Baby Pika ETH

⚡️ Baby Pika ⚡️ - ⚡️⭐️PIKA PIKA⭐️⚡️⚡️ - Twitter: Telegram: Website: - JOIN THE MISSION Buying & holding BabyPika, creates value for everyone on the network as a whole. It’s a win, win. - STEALTH LAUNCHED ⚡️ No pre-released contracts or bot-ched up launches. We’re stealth launched fair and square. We all get the same shot at the same time. To the moon together. - FAIR TAX ⚡️ 8% Transaction tax - Autorewards for holders and Autoburn 7% Transaction tax - Distributed back to holders and developer fee for marketing - PART OF A FAMILY ⚡️ Of coins that's about to change the game with a unique and based community around a classic dish, loved by all. -SAFE ⚡️ BabyPika is always on your side! With no dev wallets, renounced ownership and liquidity locked, you can be confident that your investment is safe!



August 15, 2020