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Defi Pet or a Decentralized Finance Pet, is a virtual pet that could be customized to your liking. Players can collect, breed/trade beasts, fight and take part in events. Each pet’s quality comprises of numerous components that choose its appearance, stats and battle capabilities. Every Pet has diverse body parts and highlights: Body sort, Surface, Color Blend, Horn, Wing, Eyes, all arbitrarily produced upon its birth. With the lack of pets to choose from, merchandise, and items, our team has been eyeing this problem. We found a solution to this conflict: Baby Dpet. Baby Dpet is an advanced, and user friendly playform that offers a unique gaming experience to it's holders. Baby Dpet features a marketplace where you could trade in all of your pets with the help of integration with My Defi Pet. With the combination of NFT, DeFi, and gaming content, Baby Dpet will permit blockchain trend-setters to issue one of a kind advanced resources.

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July 16, 2021


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