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🐸 BRUUWK TOKEN 🐸 - 😎 Bruuwk is The First YouTube Character Token, from BSC to the animated world. - 🧨 The mission is create animated series, with characters who has not just name, but Contract address too. - 💵 Have you ever thinking about you could invest to Cartman from South Park, or to Rick from Rick&Morty? To Peter from Family guy? With BRUUWK tokens, you can take part in the next big animated cartoon project! - 🔒Liquidity is LOCKED for 10 YEARS!!!! (No JOKE, check the certificate here: - 👌 There are NO FEES, you get ALL THE TOKENS you paid for!! - 💣 Total Token Supply: 100,000 Join the movement and take part in something new! Links ---- 📝 CONTRACT 0xFA42A321b24B8Ef7CAe7b2F791bB516220a991b1 💰 How to Buy? 📈CHART 🌐 Website 📱Telegram Group 💎 Twitter 💎 Instagram

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June 1, 2021


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