Coins: 26,743
Votes: 156,262,353
Market Cap: $6,658,809,750,379,098
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What is Boba Inu (BOBA)? Boba Inu (BOBA) is an open-sourced, peer-to-peer digital asset on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. The token was created as a homage to Billy Marcus' adopted cat named Boba Cat. Billy Markus is the co-founder of the successful Dogecoin. As Boba Inu’s name was inspired by an adopted cat, our global community feels Boba Inu should bring to the world the same fun, love, and passion that our pets bring to us. With that fun-loving passion for our pets in mind, as well as longevity, the community has chosen to foster and adopt long-term development of philanthropic endeavors with real-world use cases, beginning with Humane Societies. What Makes Boba Inu Unique? The contract is renounced making BOBA community-driven, who voted on and chose the current tax structure. Holders of Boba Inu receive Binance-Peg Dogecoin Token depending on their BOBA holdings. So in principle investors hold two assets, Boba Inu and Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that was created by Billy Markus, owner of Boba Cat. BOBA is hyper-deflationary with 2% of buy/sell transactions used for DCA buybacks and weekly burns. That will decrease tokens in the circulating supply. 3% of buy/sell transactions are distributed to the marketing wallet that will be used for the continued development of the Boba Inu and support institutions in need of help. You can follow our latest charity events here: [whitepaper] (

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May 15, 2022


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