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BNB LITE is Build on Binance Smart Chain. We chose to design our utility token with a built in 10% transaction fee on every transaction. 5% get burnt, lowering the total supply. The other 5% are redistributed amongst the holders of our token. Our platform will be powered by our deflationary utility-token BNB LITE and users of our platform will be able to get cheaper price and better rates for money Transfers. Only 1 Trillion Supply more than 70% tokens will be burned. BNB LITE APP under development. Come Join our Presale. For more info Join our Telegram. To boost the price we have Limited supply with 5% Redistribution function and 5% added to Liquidity Pool. BNB LITE UTILITY TOKEN! EARN 5% Cashback as BNB LITE TOKENS and 2% Burn Function everytime you use our APP for Remittance. Our App will find best money transfer rates and user can transfer money without any fees. The Real UTILITY TOKEN just Landed! BNB LITE Remittance APP Coming Soon!




August 8, 2021


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