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Blockchain Euro Project (BEUROP) is a company based on the European Commission's blockchain strategy. With a team that has more than five years of experience in smart contracts and blockchain solutions development. While other projects try to solve one problem at a time, BEUROP integrates several products into a blockchain ecosystem, including Marketing and Educational platform, DEX, CEX, NFT Marketplace, and Gaming. The fuel of this ecosystem is a hyper deflationary token with great tokenomics; BEPR. 🎯Our developers are now working on the BEUROP crypto Marketing Platform; this will be the first product on markets. 🗣It will connect crypto-enthusiasts and other clients with an exceptional service of crypto projects promotion. The full service will include SEO and banners ads, promo, token/coin, smart-contract analysis, smart-contract audit, total advertising, and other things. 🎮Besides, we have a second product on the spot; Legends of Aragon, an NFT game inspired by a mythical hero, St. George, from the ancient kingdom of Aragon, in Spain. 🤑By staking BEPR, all users will receive gaming cryptocurrency and buy the required skills for heroes in the game. That would be just a perfect chance for crypto-enthusiasts and game lovers to join a safe and growing investment opportunity. 🗺BEUROP RoadMap includes the company's projects until 2023 Telegram: Twitter : Website: 🔹Huge smart marketing campaign 🔹TechRate Audited 🔹Doxxed experience team 🔹Multiple Utilities 🔥Organic growth, more than 5000 TG memberss‼️

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September 30, 2021


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