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Anamax Investing AMX

AMX are liquidity generator token, based on the Polygon protocol. We chose Polygon because of the low fees, transaction processing speed and the huge potential for network development. The unique advantage here is the creation of a vast ecosystem for passive income. All token holders will simultaneously become shareholders and will receive dividend. Our project is designed for great growth and has great prospects. All benefits will open with a long-term holding of AMX tokens. With our token, you can earn on a classic buy-sell, but we would recommend that you think about really good passive income in the future. If your goal is solely to buy a token at a low price and sell it immediately after listing it on the DEX, you might be better off looking at other projects. First of all, we are interested in investors who are ready to participate in the development of our project and are not going to receive instant profit on the difference in exchange rates. Holders of our tokens will receive bonuses, discounts and a lot of bounties. We are at the very beginning of our journey and you have a chance to join our rocket.

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