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Amnext AMC

Amnext is an ecosystem developed on the Binance Smart Chain that turns saving money into a game. The main scope of the project is to allow users to get rich without taking any risk! Having said that in Amnext There are two types of lotteries. The first one is the Lifetime Lottery where by purchasing the lottery tickets the users will be entitled for the rest of their life to participate in the lottery drawings. Furthermore the Lifetime lottery is empowered by an articulated affiliate system which allow users to gain extra profits and increase their winning odds. The second lottery lets users join the lottery by depositing funds into no loss prize pools and receive back NoLoss Tickets which entitle them to win prizes until they remove the funds. What makes Amnext unique, however, is that players who don’t win still entitled to participate in the next lottery drawings without losing their investments. Everyone involved keeps their money! To fund the prizes, Amnext use the interest earned on the Venus staking pools using the purchased tickets. Amnext has also a staking protocol named AMC machine which give to investors a tool to farm AMC tokens and so greatly increase their profits in the ecosystem.

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July 15, 2021


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