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AllForAllChild AFAC As we all know, many health problems such as viruses that have appeared in the world for a long time and still exist, and diseases that have no cure put our and our children’s lives at risk. As a result of the extreme development of technology in the past decades, perhaps many health problems have been cured. More than 100 years ago, a very effective epidemic called the Spanish flu broke out, which resulted in the death of thousands or even millions of people. With the technology of that time, a solution to this epidemic was almost not found, but if this epidemic had occurred now, perhaps none of these deaths would have occurred. And here we understand the importance of technology. Perhaps we will not hear the name of many deadly diseases such as cancer, SMA, leukemia, tumors and many more, which are some of the most important health problems of our day, when technology develops more in a short time. Although technology continues to develop and takes steps to find solutions to the aforementioned diseases, sometimes these solutions can be quite costly and difficult to reach. This is why we are here, and the purpose of our token is to provide the necessary financial support to the children of the world, who are considered our future, to people in need of help and to institutions and organizations that aim to treat such important health problems, to reach people who have diseases which have very expensive cures even if they can be treated, and to help them meet the costs of treatment.




July 9, 2021


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