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$ALIƎN - The 👽 token Meet U+1F47D - Your new crypto sherpa! $ALIƎN is a deflationary crypto token that aims to be a community driven place for anti-scams enthusiasts and crypto investors. Hold $ALIƎN and get additional ones from every transaction. $ALIƎN was developed as a safe place to avoid scammers, the most transparent token on the market. The team has defined a marketing wallet to never drop the hype & another for blockchain developments with real value, which are voted by the community. 💣 HUGE X100 POTENTIAL! ✅ LOCK LIQUID ✅ JUST LAUNCHED ✅ VERIFIED CONTRACT ✅ RENNOUNCED OWNERSHIP ✅ DOXXED DEV ✅ NO RUG - NO HONEYPOT ✅ DAILY A.M.A. 🌐 💬 🐦 ⚙️ Developing crypto tools 🤝 Real DAO

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June 30, 2021


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