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Welcome to the most ambitious Doge project of July. AtkatsukiDoge is the hardfork of SafeEarn on the BSC to auto-reward with Safemoon. AkatsukiDoge (暁, literally meaning: "Dawn" or "Daybreak") is a group of shinobi that existed outside the usual system of BSC village. Though each iteration AkatsukiDoge is viewed as either legit or rug, all seek to make the cryptoworld a better place through our own means. AkatsukiDoge tended to have multiple gang across the world, unbeatable either due to our best tokenomics and the various security measures that protected our system. 💰Are you willing to put in the sweat and be rewarded with Safemoon? Hold AkatsukiDoge and you have that passive income every 30 minutes! ❗️ We will also be hosting a stealth launch on Pancakeswap. We will post the details moments early. We don't like commie bots 🤖 and we're doing our best to drive them back from the land of freedom.




July 13, 2021


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